BUNN releases multi-use single serve system

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation announced on 1 November the introduction of My Café, a new multi-use single cup machine for quality at-home coffee and tea brewing.  In a statement, BUNN noted that My Café elevates today’s popular single serve brewing method by essentially operating as four machines in one and producing café quality beverages with K-Cups, ground coffee or loose leaf tea, coffee and tea soft pods, tea bags, and hot water on demand. “My Café offers consumers more choices than other single serve systems on the market today and is expected to be a very popular holiday gift this year,” the company stated. BUNN has been a leader in beverage equipment and gourmet coffee and tea brewing for over 50 years “The new My Café from BUNN is unique in the single serve category, since it is not tied to any particular coffee type or brand,” said Aimee Markelz Tracy, Senior Vice President, BUNN. “My Café allows people to choose what they want to brew and then delivers the best tasting result in the cup. My Café is a fast, reliable, compact machine that is backed by a category leading 2-year warranty. The ability to brew your favorite coffee or tea, regardless of brand, and dispense hot water instantly for hot chocolate, oatmeal and more, makes My Café a very versatile beverage machine for home.”  The machine is designed for ultimate flexibility, by allowing people to choose what they want to brew for a great single cup of coffee or tea every day. It can also be used as an instant hot water source for hot chocolate, oatmeal, recipes and more. The machine is always ready to brew coffee or tea in less than a minute, as water is kept at ideal brewing temperature in the internal hot water tank. The unique pulse brew feature pulls more flavour from coffee grounds or tea leaves. The machine is able to brew coffee to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Golden Cup industry standards. The ground coffee drawer features a metal filter screen and holds up to 20 grams of coffee, making it capable of delivering full bodied coffee taste. The machine brews 4 to 14 ounces at a time, and reheats immediately for consecutive back-to-back brews.

The machine will be available in November 2012 at Lowe’s, online retailers and at “Consumers like using K-Cups, and My Café from BUNN incorporates the K-Cup single serve platform while delivering great taste from a high quality brewer,” said Markelz Tracy in a statement. “BUNN is the #1 manufacturer of commercial brewing equipment, and we have leveraged our investments in technology to develop My Cafe for a more enjoyable single cup coffee and tea experience at home.”

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