Café de Colombia launches The Bean Bang Theory

Café de Colombia has launched a new digital campaign called The Bean Bang Theory (BBT), with a You Tube video introducing the brand’s new direction. The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) said the new campaign is the result of extensive research that was conducted with consumers in North America over several months. “We learned that there is an opportunity to engage with consumers about origin and its impact,” said Marcela Jaramiillo, FNC’s Marketing and Advertising Director, in a statement. “This campaign highlights the attributes of Colombian coffee and reminds coffee drinkers that there is a story behind every bean.” Jaramiillo said the research found younger consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding more information about what’s behind the products they consume. “These new coffee consumers are more aware and receptive to origin, knowledge and sustainability,” said the FNC. “It has become increasingly important for people to learn more about the coffee, why it is different and what additional benefits, rational and emotional, the beverage can provide.” The FNC said the new direction is based on the principles and values of Colombian coffee growers: trust, familiarity, honesty, social responsibility and innovation. The campaign emphasises an appreciation for where coffee beans come from, the land where it grows and the coffee growers who cultivate it. Colombia's production in the 12 months to February totalled 12.37 million 60 kilogram bags, up 10 per cent year-on-year, the FNC recently reported to Volcafe. The Volcafe report said that output in February was up 18 per cent from a year ago to 1.03 million 60 kilogram bags. A BBT’s website: will drive the campaign’s digital efforts. People will have access to the research insights and any new developments from Café de Colombia.

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