Café de Colombia to introduce sustainability code of conduct

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has announced that efforts to define a Café de Colombia sustainability standard are underway. The Café de Colombia 100% Sustainable will be a code of conduct that will guarantee stakeholders that the processes and products that bear its mark meet sustainability standards.  Efforts to establish a Café de Colombia sustainability standard are part of the goal announced by Felipe Robayo, Commercial Manager of the FNC, of making Colombia's coffee industry 100 per cent sustainable by 2027. The 100% sustainable strategy seeks to take sustainability a step further in order to increase the income of coffee growers.
To date, there are a total of 212,000 farms that meet sustainability standards. This represents 42 per cent of the total area grown in coffee in Colombia. So far, the strategy has focused on identifying the regional traits that make it possible to meet the requirements of the different sustainability standards, encouraging producers to adopt good practices via the FNC’s Extension Service, and escorting compliance audits to certify and/or verify farms. “We will keep implementing what have been implementing for the past 15 years in terms of sustainability,” Robayo said.

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