Cafe Show Seoul to launch business matching service

Seoul Cafe Show has announced it will launch Cafe Show Mocha Port, a one-to-one business matching and networking service to connect buyers and exhibitors at the event, taking place from 8 to 11 November. Seoul Cafe Show expects the online meeting service to provide productive customer relationship management and communications, resulting in more business and efficient time management. More than 600 exhibitors have already registered their products in Mocha Port, from fields such as coffee, food and beverage, bakeries, interior, machine and equipment, and start-up companies. Approximately 6000 coffee industry buyers from about 30 countries, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, the Americans, and Europe, will go on the pre-matching system. Exhibitors and buyers who want to match the companies participating in the Seoul Cafe Show can register until the end of October. The online pre-matching will be processed until the end of October. The Seoul Cafe Show will be held at Samsung-dong in Seoul, Korea.  Cafe Show Seoul will host a range of events, competitions, and seminars such as the World Coffee Leaders Forum, Seoul Coffee Festival, and World Coffee Battle. For more information, visit

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