Cafetto’s Certified Organic Range

As part of its involvement in MICE2013, Cafetto launched its world first organic range of coffee equipment cleaning products. This is the first coffee equipment cleaner range to be certified by an organic certification body. Cafetto’s products are safe and include a high performance cleaner for professional espresso machines using organic coffee.  A supporter of the coffee industry through many events and sponsorships, Cafetto is committed to developing products that assist their client’s commitment to coffee quality. For the World Barista Championships in Melbourne, Cafetto sponsored AASCA’s Barista Buddy program – helping the world’s leading baristas enjoy their experience in Melbourne. Cafetto continues their commitment to developing products that will always be the barista’s buddy in providing high quality coffee experiences all over the world. Cafetto products include the Cafetto Evo and Cafetto Tevo Tablets (espresso machine cleaner), Cafetto Restore (descaler, decalcifier), Grinder Clean, Liquid Organic Descaler and Organic Milk Frother. To get your Cafetto Organic products today visit

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