Caravela Coffee and Center for Coffee Research and Education partner to develop educational programs

Center for Coffee Research and Education

The Center for Coffee Research and Education at Texas A&M University and Caravela Coffee have announced a new partnership to foster academic, scientific, and development programs.

Research will be focused on agriculture and coffee sciences to benefit the people of developing countries across the globe while carrying out a coffee education program for roasters and consumers in the United States.

The first areas of focus as this partnership evolves will be to develop and generate a specific syllabus for roasters to strengthen their ties to countries of origin and knowledge of those countries while courses related to the art and business of coffee are taught.

To build coffee extension services leveraging virtual courses to transfer education, with certificates, back to origin for both farmers and local roasters catering to their own markets.

And finally to promote research and development with the extensive network of faculty and students at the university and coffee industry players to generate scientific knowledge that can be passed on to farmers to improve quality and farmer incomes and increase the use of practices for sustainability.

Since its inception, Caravela Coffee has defined education as one of its principles and through its PECA Program has been training and educating thousands of farmers who want to learn how to better produce specialty coffee across the seven countries of origin where the company operates.

Texas A&M has an extensive track record as a leader in agriculture research and sciences in North America.

This partnership holds promise for the coffee industry as both entities have complementary expertise and education programs and jointly, they strive to fill gaps in practical and specific educational programs for roasters, farmers and coffee quality experts in the highly interwoven supply chains of coffee.

To jumpstart this partnership, Caravela has made a commitment to initially donate $200,000 to the Center for Coffee Research and Education.

The Center for Coffee Research and Education and Caravela invite all industry players with similar principles and values to join this partnership to make coffee better for all.

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