Zimbabwe: Revival of the fittest

At the receiving end of economic, political and environmental turmoil, Zimbabwe’s coffee industry is on the brink of extinction. But can support from Nespresso and a new government bring it back to life? Read more

The future of automation

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has analysed the increasing role of automation in coffee and how consumers feel about it.

From self-driving cars to human-free production lines, automation is spreading across multiple industries and coffee is no exception. Read more

The consolidation of coffee

For nearly a decade, the global coffee industry has become increasingly concentrated as the big have gotten bigger. Experts and players weigh in on what it means. Read more

An Accademia for the world

Paris has the Louvre, New York has the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, London has the British Museum, and now Florence has Accademia Del Caffè Espresso, a place where legacy meets vision. Read more

Egro’s Next edition

The Egro Next is blending Android technology with classic espresso machine style to provide operators and customers a truly unique experience.

In the rapidly evolving world of super-automation, Swiss manufacturer Egro is using advanced technology to drive intuitiveness, useability, and quality in its product range.Its latest addition is Next. Launched in 2018, Next is built to engage its consumers and create an easy, low-maintenance approach to coffee production. It is available in three versions and has Android technology integrated into the interface to maximise personalisation and ease of operation. Read more

Mixing tradition with automation

The market wasn’t ready when La Cimbali released its first super-automatic machine in 1969. Half a century later, the game has changed and the award-winning S20 and S30 are proving to be hits.

La Cimbali has produced traditional espresso machines since 1912 and created its first fully automated model, the Superbar, in 1969. Read more