iCapsulate is Australia’s largest and most formidable single-serve manufacturer, servicing a huge range of clients around the world. iCapsulate exports to New Zealand, China, South Korea, Read more

Caimano II

On the mission to provide an espresso grinder for any set of requirements, Anfim has designed and engineered the Caimano II as the perfect fit for Read more

VA358 White Eagle Leva

The VA358 White Eagle Leva offers baristas the ability to use advanced technology and enjoy modern design, without having to give up the chance to express Read more

Sette 2017

In 2016 Baratza released its revolutionary family of conical burr grinders at SCAA in Atlanta, the Sette Series. The Sette 270 grinds by time and the Read more

Eversys e’4

Conceived like a traditional two-group machine, the e’4 is a 56-centimetre super-automatic espresso machine that can produce four espressos at a time with barista quality and Read more

AO by Australia’s Own

AO by Australia’s Own is a delicious new range of UHT plant-based drinks for on-the-go, including flavoured almond milks and drinkable breakfast blends. With only one gram Read more

Neuhaus Neotec Leak Test I

Leaky packaging is a critical factor in the production process of roasted coffee. With the Leak Test I, Neuhaus Neotec offers customers a leak detector that has Read more


Milklab is the first ever milk brand to take every key milk-type being used in specialty coffee (including coconut milk) and craft a special formula designed Read more

Nespresso Creatista

The barista-style coffee experience is now even more achievable at home thanks to the launch of Creatista, the first Nespresso machine that allows you to choose Read more

Gina smart coffee instrument

Goat Story has designed a smart coffee instrument combining classic coffee brewing techniques with the latest technology. Called Gina, the built-in smart scale minimises the hassle of Read more