Astoria’s Greta

Greta is the new compact coffee machine by Astoria. Astoria’s new model is ideal for small businesses with relatively low production volumes, but a high demand Read more

WMF’s 5000 S

The WMF 5000 S is just one of the standouts from WMF’s New Generation platform – a speciality machine for upmarket needs. A high-performance brewer guarantees that Read more

Bühler’s InfinityRoast

Bühler’s InfinityRoast contains an innovation in roasting technology that provides unprecedented control over flavours. The newly designed roasting chamber can operate efficiently at a low or high Read more

Dalla Corte’s Mina

Dalla Corte’s retro-style Mina uses a pull down lever to extract the coffee. As the machine is activated, the water pressure reaches a maximum of nine-bars. The Read more

MPE’s IMD 669-CG Series Grinder

The new IMD 669-CG Capsule Granuliser achieves the perfect Nespresso-style grind distribution for both espresso and lungo capsules. Its system optimises two critical elements for capsule extraction: Read more

Macchiavalley’s Fuego Silence

Macchiavalley’s Fuego Silence is a fully automated machine designed to produce high volumes of coffee. Whether for the bakery, petrol station or hotel, the Fuego Silence is Read more