Victoria Arduino upgrades Mythos grinder

The Mythos grinder from Victoria Arduino has been upgraded to allow greater grinding precision and control with improved user experience. This enables all the baristas, roasteries, and chains who already appreciate the grinder to reach new levels of perfection.

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probat p05


The development of an electrically heated shop roaster that is just as powerful as the gas-driven P05 and also features the same iconic design, was the main task the Probat engineers dedicated themselves to when designing the new P05 e. Read more

Mahlkönig X54 Allround Home Grinder

Mahlkönig X54 Allround Home Grinder

Everyday coffee enjoyment really matters. Freshly roasted specialty varieties prepared by a skilled barista with professional premium equipment can turn a small coffee break into a meaningful moment of joy.  Read more

ima unika

Ima Unika

Unika is a unique, modular concept created to perform filling and sealing operations at up to 600 capsules per minute and is able to handle any capsule type available on the market, fed in bulk or stacked.  Read more

Cafetto LOD Green

Cafetto LOD Green

Cafetto LOD Green is an eco-friendly liquid descaler for removal of limescale and calcium build up. Designed for espresso machine water tanks, boilers, and coffee brewers, LOD Green can also be used in kettles, urns, bain maries, and all ice machines.  Read more

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