China to host first Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Forum

The first Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo and Forum will take place in China from 29 to 31 January, 2018. The event is an opportunity to explore China’s largest coffee growing region and experience the coffees of the Yunnan region. The forum, hosted by the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange, will bring together more than 300 international and Chinese coffee industry professionals to share knowledge on global coffee trends, best practices, quality, sustainability, pricing, marketing, roasting, and retail operations. Speakers and participants will receive an immersive introduction to Chinese coffee including its history and culture, and have the opportunity to taste coffees from the country’s diverse growing regions. The forum will be held in Pu’er City Grand Theatre. Day one of the event will include a session on global coffee trends and China’s current and future position in the world coffee community. Day two and three will focus on content for coffee producers, and information targeted to roasters and retailers. Late afternoon is reserved for cuppings, networking opportunities, and other activities. Immediately following the forum will be a two-day tour of China’s coffee-growing regions. In recent years, China’s coffee farmers have been working closely with organisations like the Coffee Quality Institute to improve overall coffee quality and increase access to the specialty coffee market. The Pu’er forum will give many global coffee professionals a chance to engage with the Chinese specialty market for the first time and establish ongoing relationships with Chinese producers. For registration, program details, and travel tips, click here.

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