Circle K rolls out sustainably sourced coffee across US stores

Circle K coffee

Circle K has become the largest convenience retailer in the United States to offer 100 per cent sustainably sourced coffee blends across all its locations – according to Circle K.

The sustainably sourced coffee program is built around three pillars: farm productivity, environmental practices, and social development. These coffee beans will come from participating farms around the world while providing valuable tools, training, and services to coffee farmers and their communities.

Additionally, farms where these coffees are sourced, actively promote the following:

  • No child labour
  • No form of slavery or forced labour
  • Trainings on applicable local and international labour and employment laws
  • Trainings on, but not limited to, critical health, occupational safety topics, and worker rights and conditions
  • Gender equity
  • Soil conservation
  • Forest conservation and biodiversity
  • Water protection, waste management, efficient energy use
  • Environmentally responsible agriculture

“We continue to look for ways to deliver high quality coffee while reducing our impact on the environment,” says Kevin Lewis, Global Chief Marketing Officer of parent company Alimentation Couche-Tard.

“In the US, over the past year, we’ve reduced case sizes and extended product shelf life, which will minimise the amount of coffee wasted. These steps, combined with the installation of bean-to-cup coffee machines across the US, have delivered a 30 per cent reduction in total pounds of coffee wasted annually.”

Circle K offers consistently fresh coffee through their bean-to-cup machines, which allow consumers to enjoy freshly ground coffee in every cup. The new sustainably sourced coffee blends will be available through these machines in both hot and iced forms.

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