CMA Astoria donates over $37,000 to Coffee Kids

Flavio Urizzi,  Export Manager of CMA Astoria handed over a check for US$37,481.80 to Carolyn Fairman, Executive Director of Coffee Kids, on 14 June, at this year’s Viennese Summer Fling Event.   The contribution is calculated annually from profit made through sales of the Astoria Plus 4 You energy-saving espresso machine, Coffee Kids reported in a statement. This year’s contribution brings CMA’s overall contributions over the last six years to US$114,813. “Astoria redeems important funding for future development so that Plus 4 You can be a sustainable product in all of its aspects,” said a representative of CMA in the Coffee Kids statement. “This includes energy saving and high recycling of its spare parts and components, along with the financial contribution given in favour of social and economy growth of coffee- producing countries. CMA Astoria are proud of assigning Coffee Kids this donation to help the families who stand at the origin of our production chain.” Fairman noted that CMA's support, which started in 2006, has now reached a total sum of over $100,000. “If you imagine that just $50 can help a family start its own small business, to provide an economic income for the family year-round and help confront the dry months, when there is no income from coffee, this means that CMA Astoria has contributed to improve the lives of over 2000 families,” said Fairman in the statement.  Coffee Kids is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of coffee-farming families. Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids works closely with partners in coffee-growing communities to create community-based programmes that respect the values, cultural integrity and ingenuity of the communities.

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