Coffee Capsule Co’s Australian capsule expertise

Coffee Capsule Co. offers the high quality and standards Australian coffee is known for to international retailers and brands in a range of sustainable capsule formats.

Australia is a market leader on the global stage for specialty coffee, where it is celebrated for its innovative roasting styles, meticulous quality control, and distinctive taste profiles. What is less known about the county is its stringent food safety standards.

Coffee Capsule Co. (CCC) is Australia’s leading contract packer of Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules, offering a comprehensive range of single serve coffee capsule solutions, going beyond filling and packing. Director Joe Pagano tells Global Coffee Report the business is now positioned to offer these services to the rest of the world.

“CCC offers international retailers and brands the opportunity to leverage all of these attributes across the range ofNespresso® compatible capsule options. We also offer a complete turnkey service that builds on a reputation of delivering premium quality into every capsule,” Pagano says. “The company was founded on the back of a combined 30 years of industry experience, and focuses on offering Australian [and international] retailers and coffee brands an unrivalled range of value-added products and services.”

CCC operates out of a “state-of-the-art” manufacturing and R&D facility in Sydney, from which it provides the single serve capsule market with a world-class contract manufacturing service, new product development, and long-term sustainable solutions.

The business is one of the first in Australia to provide private-label aluminium and Australian-certified compostable capsule services.

“The aluminium capsule solution is one of the biggest breakthroughs the industry has seen in recent times. Since Nespresso® compatible capsules launched about eight years ago, this has been the end game. Only in the last six to eight months have economic and technological developments aligned to allow non-multinationals to offer them,” Pagano says.

Developed by Capsul’in Pro, he says CCC’s aluminium capsules are engineered to deliver the highest quality coffee experience possible.

“Our aluminium capsules provide quality and freshness and come in a range of colours and styles, encouraging innovative branding. Shared or multi brand recycling opportunities are also presenting themselves internationally. This would be a big step forward in achieving sustainability in the coffee capsule space, particularly in the Asia Pacific and United States, which are our key export markets,” Pagano says.

“CCC understands its corporate and social responsibilities and invests in end-to-end closed-loop recycling and composting programs with an eye on meeting the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation 2025 sustainable packaging targets for reuse, recycling, and composting.”

He says these initiatives have enabled CCC to offer sustainably aware brands and retailers the opportunity to extend their offering with fresh, locally roasted beans in a range of Nespresso® compatible capsule formats.

“CCC’s priority is to deliver a quality, customised coffee experience for its customers. Australian coffee is some of the best in the world and we understand what it takes to deliver the highest quality in the cup,” Pagano says.

“Australian and international specialty brands are also coming to the realisation that, with the right partners, their coffee delivered in capsule format, can translate into a quality product they can be proud to offer their consumers for home consumption. This realisation is driving growth and conversion of specialty roasters to the single serve format.”

Over the past eight years, single-serve capsule solutions have been one of the fastest growing categories in the coffee sector. Pagano says “consumers want choice, convenience, and quality”. Sustainability considerations have also become a major focal point in recent times.

“The challenge has been to meet consumers, coffee brands, and retailers’ expectations around price, performance, positioning, and sustainability, and to deliver on these expectations by offering a high-quality product across the different capsule types on offer.”

CCC’s consistency and quality across three capsule styles: aluminium, compostable, and plastic ensures its customers that whatever style of capsule they choose, performance will be first class.

“We understand that the result in the cup is only as good as our industry knowledge and experience, back-end support, infrastructure, and rigorous quality program,” Pagano says. “Quality is achieved by managing the entire production process from end to end in a controlled environment. In addition, we hold all the necessary quality and compliance certification that ensures chain of custody and compliance from delivery of raw materials through to dispatch of finished products.”

To reach the highest standard with every production batch, CCC pays “microscopic attention” to the balance between grind, weight, and extraction. Extensive quality assurance testing during production ensures consistency from cup to cup.

“Our quality assurance systems are globally certified and are one of the most robust in the world. We have a team of technical specialists, including compliance and quality assurance officers, with years of experience in coffee and capsule production, to ensure that the very highest standards are maintained,” Pagano says. “One thing we know is that the landscape is continually changing, and we have to be flexible and ready to meet any challenge.”

One such example has been the impact of COVID-19 on coffee market dynamics, which Pagano says has created a shift to more home-based consumption.

“Brands that previously have not had a capsule offering are realising it’s more critical than ever to have capsules to diversify their range. They’ve come to realise both the commercial value of the format and consistently high-quality product that can be achieved,” he says.“[But,] in the past 12 months, the biggest change has been the emergence of and demand for both aluminium and certified compostable capsules. This has added a completely new dynamic and we are uniquely placed in the Australian market to offer all three formats. In international terms, our product offering is in line with the world’s best.”

CCC’s 12-month strategic plan includes the launch of other exciting formats, with a focus on adding more sustainable offerings to its portfolio.

“We believe it is our responsibility to be constantly innovating and delivering the very best solutions to our customers,” Pagano says. “Our founders and management team have worked in the industry since its infancy, and have extensive experience servicing Australia’s major grocery retailers, national brands, and specialty roasters alike.
“For both domestic and global partners, large or small, we’re able to offer a range of solutions and services that hit whatever part of the value matrix they are targeting. Our vast industry knowledge across coffee, packaging, marketing, and logistics, help our partners add value to their brands and put them on the road to success in the coffee capsule category.” GCR

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