Coffee Fest announces Food Integration Lab workshops

Coffee Fest has announced Food Integration Labs to debut at Coffee Fest Anaheim.  Food Labs will give coffee retailers who are considering adding, implementing or augmenting food within their shop a place to go and an opportunity to learn from experts. The new Food Integration Lab workshops are designed to educate attendees about what it takes to successfully add a culinary program to their coffee shop.  Each three-hour workshop will explore the basics of what it takes to be successful, as well as a number of things the presenters wished they had known before they got started.  Sessions will address the business side of creating a menu including, pricing, labour, cost of goods, initial investment and how to identify success in the endeavour. Additionally, the course will include equipment suggestions for producing exceptional food in the coffee shop setting. The workshops will run on each day of Coffee Fest, which takes place from 30 September until 2 October at the Anaheim Convention Centre, California, USA.

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