Coffee Fest & Helm Society Debut Virtual CEO Roundtable

Coffee Fest has announced the launch of the Coffee Fest & Helm Society Debut Virtual CEO Roundtable. Each month, Coffee Fest attendees will connect via phone to discuss monthly topics, including building up their brands and scaling up their businesses. “We really wanted to create a place where the business owners that attend Coffee Fest can turn in-between shows to learn, brainstorm and solve business-related challenges,” said Coffee Fest CEO David Heilbrunn.   In addition to the telephone meetings, members will have access to an online group to gain additional support.  This network is designed for all members of the industry, from roasters and manufacturers to café owners. They will have the opportunity to learn business information from their peers and from guest experts.

In addition to David Heilbrunn, founding members of the CEO community include CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters David Morris, CEO of Selby Soft Mike Spence, Owner of The Tea House Times Gail Gastelu and President of Josuma Coffee Company Melind John.

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