Coffee Kids raises awareness for young farmers

Hanns R Neumann Stiftung’s (HRNS) Coffee Kids program is raising awareness for the needed support of young coffee farmers.

HRNS says the story of good coffee starts with farmers. And now, more than ever, that story needs to start with more young farmers. Collaborating with young adults starts with recognising the important role they have in ensuring these communities thrive, understanding their perspective, and giving them access to participate in the entire coffee value chain.

“There is so much positive energy and curiosity that young people bring to the world and it is not always captured or seen as this great potential,” says Joanna Furgiuele, Director of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives for HRNS North America.

Coffee Kids focuses on collaboration with the next generation of coffee farmers to realise their full potential as part of the global coffee community. More than 550 youth were already supported with entrepreneurial training, mentoring, and financing.

Through that support, HRNS says they are starting successful businesses on and off the farm.

“My time and journey with Coffee Kids made me uncover a special love for the farm and coffee itself,” says Jorge Suarez, a young coffee farmer from Colombia. 

The Coffee Kids program is made possible through donations from a growing group of forward-thinking individuals, companies, foundations, and shops who understand that coffee is more than just the best part of the day – it is an experience people care about.

HRNS sys coffee is a crop that can help lift people across the world out of poverty, if we invest in the right ways.

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