Coffee Kids seeks relief for ‘thin months’

Coffee Kids is once again running its Grow it Forward campaign to fund  projects that create long-term solutions to chronic seasonal hunger. In much of Latin America, the coffee harvest ends around the end of February. Three months later, most families have spent their meager income and must find a way to feed their families for the remainder of the year. Coffee-farming families face three to eight months of hunger every year, leading to chronic disease and malnutrition. Coffee Kids projects that establish family gardens, worm-composting sites and provide nutritional workshops help families ensure an adequate supply of fresh, local food, minimizing the impact of rising global food prices and the lack of income during this time of year. Between September 19, 2013 and October 31, Coffee Kids is hoping to raise US$30,000 to improve the food security of more than 4000 people across Latin America. And many of these families will pass on the skills they have learned, growing it forward themselves for many years to come.  To contribute to the campaign, just click here.

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