Coffee lovers urged to give to Peru flood appeal

The coffee world is being urged to pull together to help farming communities affected by the recent devastating floods in Peru. The Cafe Femenino Foundation is helping to raise emergency funds to provide food packages to the women of Cafe Femenino and their families in the communities of Penachi and Kanaris. The historic flooding and destruction in Northern Peru has caused severe damage to the roads, causing the land to slide away and putting the coffee communities and their families in need of immediate assistance. “Our Aspape and Asproagro coffee producers in Northern Peru are greatly affected by damaged roads that have completely isolated them and are suffering for food. This is the time when there is no food crop in the communities,” said Isabel Uriarte Latorre, Executive Director of the Association of Cafe and Quinoa and General Manager of Cecanor in Peru. To make a donation, please follow this link

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