Coffee makes its mark in Host Milano 2019 Smart Label awards

Host Milano 2019 Smart Label

Host Milano and Poli.Design have awarded 56 companies under three categories with the 2019 Smart Label 2019. Smart Label recognises innovative content, products that change the directions of conventional trends, and those which stand out for their eco-sustainability.

Juror Shujoy Chakraborty commented on the strong presence of the coffee industry in the awards.

“Coffee seems to be one of the main themes, perhaps because it is undergoing a major transformation, moving from experience as a drink to an experience of technological innovation. Manufacturers are implementing IoT to offer precision and customization even to beer rituals and to demystify beverage chemistry.” Shujoy says.

“In addition to coffee, the integration of IoT in many household appliances in the category, for maintenance and to have greater control over the food preparation process, is an indicator of the transformation of the professional kitchen into an environment rich in technology. Catering professionals will increasingly become a meeting point between high quality gastronomy and next generation interactive technologies”.

ATA companies, Euroengel, CastelMAC, Ifi, NSF International, and StableTable Scandinavia received the Innovation Smart Label for products dedicated to a high content of innovation.

Three awards have been given under the Green Smart Label to de Jong Duke, Ecodyger Societa Benefit, and LSA International.

Finally, 47 products won the Smart Label award thanks to the creation of products capable of determining significant evolutions in the reference sectors of their company. These are Alto-Shaam, Angelo Po Grandi Cucine, Beanscorp, Cafflano, Bravo Spa, Burlodge, Calligaris, Cellografica Gerosa, Churchill China, COmenda Ali Group, Contral, DaloLindén, Dishcovery, Duvall Espresso, Eggcting Products, Electrolux Professional, Epta, ETC Group, Eureka – Conti Valerio, EVCO, Gastro Production , Gastros Switzerland, Iberital, Klarco, Krupps, La Marzocco, MC Forni, Moretti Forni, Next Cooking Generation, Nextis4us, Pengo, Qualityfry, Rancilio Group, Rational Italia, RCR Cristalleria Italiana, Rieber, ScanBox, Schneider, Scolaro Parasol, Smeg, Sofinor, Spinoco Czech Republic, Stronghold Technology, Tech Life, tecnobeverage, Unox, and Zerica e Zummo.

Five honourable mentions went to Blupura, Bevco, Kukki, Tea quiero, and Fabbri.

The products that have received the awards will be included in the Smart Label Index catalogue and exhibit at HOSTMilano 2019, where a dedicated exhibition will give further visibility to the awarded solutions.

Host Milano will begin on 18 October in Italy.

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