Coffee Masters submissions closing soon

Allegra Events is calling on baristas across the globe to act quickly to enter Co undefined

ffee Masters 2015, with online submission’s closing on 15 December.

The new fast-paced barista competition, taking place at The London Coffee Festival, will see sixteen world-class baristas compete for the coveted title and a more than $9000 cash prize.

“The idea behind the Coffee Masters was to create a competition which highlights the diversity and level of skill required by professional baristas to work in some of the finest cafés worldwide,” say Rob Dunne and Victor Frankowski of coffee creative consultancy DunneFrankowski, who have worked with Allegra Events since the inception of the new competition model.

To be selected for Coffee Masters, baristas are asked to upload a one-minute video of a signature drink, a CV and a heat shot.

“The video submission should demonstrate the barista’s passion, personality and creativity in being able to develop a signature beverage which can step outside of a usual coffee drink,” says Rob and Victor. “The signature drink is the only element which the contestants bring with them to Coffee Masters, and will play a vital role in the quarter final round.”

The judges recommend finding inspiration for the signature drink from mixology and the culinary arts. “The key to this drink is balance. Coffee has to be included as an ingredient but does not have to be the most dominant ingredient. Alcohol and any other legal ingredients can be used,” says Rob and Victor.

Coffee Masters will prepare their coffees on stage using a Mahlkönig EK43 and the K30 Twin. Baristas will use a Faema E61 Legend espresso machine to produce their shots. Brita Professional will provide water filtration for both the brew and espresso bars, while Quooker will deliver instant boiling water at the right temperature for baristas.

Volvano Coffee Works will provide the coffees to be exclusively used across all disciplines at Coffee Masters, except the Signature Drinks, the only discipline where competitors have the opportunity to bring their own ingredients.

“The Coffee Masters timing couldn't be better and we jumped at the opportunity to be involved,” says Onny Loisel, General Manager at Volcano Coffee Works. “The competition's format sits perfectly alongside the principles we are championing and what it means to be a full service specialty roastery in London.”

Volcano Coffee Works will provide nine exceptional Single Origin coffees for the Cupping discipline, and the creation of the Espresso Blend. “We are very excited to be working with some of London's newest and most creative coffee people, collaboratively selecting single origins and developing a blend for 2015,” he says.

Belgium-based company Alpro will present the Order Discipline, which sees baristas compete head-to-head to deliver 10 espresso-based drinks against the clock. Baristas will be presented with an order docket, which they will be challenged to produce in nine minutes or less. Alpro’s ingredients such as hazelnut and soymilk will be included in the discipline to represent the growing need for diary free alternatives on a café menu.

The London Coffee Festival is running from 30 April – 3 May as part of UK Coffee Week 2015. With over 20,000 visitors expected, the Festival promises to be an unmissable event for discerning coffee lovers and those working in the coffee scene.

For more information and to become a Coffee Master, register now at

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