Coffee product placements dominate European television screens

  Kenco coffee is set to be the second coffee product to kick off paid-for product placement in Europe next month, when Irish television presenters sip on the Kraft Foods brand on air. The Irish TImes reported on 15 August that the television program TV3's broadcasters had entered into a deal worth over $350,000 that will see the show's presenters and guests to drink the instant coffee from Kenco branded mugs. The deal follows a decision by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland earlier this summer to revise its advertising code of practice, allowing paid-for product placement.  This follows the appearance of a Nescafé coffee capsule machine that made history on 28 February as the first paid-for product placement allowed on British television.  The Nescafé coffee capsule machine placement made history as the first deal under new Ofcom rules which similarly allowed broadcasters to accept payment to use or display certain products during television programs. Nescafé reportedly paid over $160,000 for the placement of the machine on the kitchen worktop behind chef Phil Vickery also during an early program This Morning. 

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