Coffee Quality Institute launches Gender Equity workshops

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has commenced its workshops exploring the effect gender inequality has on coffee production, with the first taking place in Popayan, Colombia this week. The four workshops will examine the link between coffee quality and gender, with the aim of revealing potential solutions for the industry. “The development sector has been pretty clear about the role women can play in strengthening family and community resiliency, but translating that awareness into supply chain strategies is the next step,” said Tracy Ging, Vice-President Sustainability and Strategic Initiatives of S & D Coffee and Tea. “There is certainly an opportunity for collaboration across the sector for designing effective gender approaches.” CQI said Colombia’s workshop participants have included men and women coffee producers from the Coscura coffee cooperative, which is well known for its leadership in improving producer livelihoods. “The Cauca region is recognised for its coffee quality which is attributed to a unique combination of factors such as climate, the rich soil, the variety of coffee trees and the hard work and commitment of the coffee growers,” said CQI. In conjunction with the workshops, CQI will conduct a literary review to create a report offering recommendations for investments, partnerships, and pilot projects. CQI said this new approach would inform not only its own strategic approach to gender, but also encourage industry collaboration on programs that explore this critical issue in coffee. Workshops will take place in Central America, East Africa and Indonesia next year.

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