Coffee Roasters Guild announces 2023 scholarship recipients

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The Coffee Roasters Guild (CRG) and Diedrich Roaster have announced the recipients of the 2023 Diedrich Roasters Scholarship at the CRG Retreat.

The scholarships are awarded to five scholars every year. This year’s recipients are as follows:

  • Alisher Kamalov: Coffee Roaster, Three Keys Coffee
  • Ashley Williams: Production Roaster, Red Bay Coffee and Aftermath Coffee
  • Kevin Mejia: Founder/Roaster, Bevel Coffee
  • Alanna Halliday: Production Roaster, Makeworth Coffee Roasters
  • DJ Thomas: Lead Roaster, Portrait Coffee

The retreat is set to take place in Bellingham, Washington, United States from 28 September to 1 October. It is an annual event where professional coffee roasters from around the world gather to learn new skills, share knowledge, and build friendships.

The program supports coffee roasters who may be new to coffee roasting or for any reason, such as financial, have not had the opportunity to attend the CRG retreat in the past.

The recipients are considered future or current leaders in the coffee roasting community that help drive the future of speciality coffee.

The scholarships will cover registration fees, including shuttle fees for the event, as well as roasting tent and equipment introduction, Friday lectures, Saturday workshops, roasting team challenges, social activities, meals, and beverages during the retreat.

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