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Colombian coffee chain Juan Valdez expands globally

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez, a Colombian multinational coffeehouse chain, has announced the expansion of its e-commerce and retail across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, consolidating its 15-year expansion plans.

In the US, Juan Valdez will expand its presence through 165 points of sale with the Whole Foods supermarket and through CVS pharmacy chains in Florida. The represents significant growth for the brand, which began its global expansion in 2005.

US consumers can now access Juan Valdez’s varied portfolio including its premium lines such as the Colina and Cumbre Premium Ground Colombian Coffee blends, its freeze-dried options that have a classic profile, and its Keurig Colina coffee capsules.

At the end of 2020, New Zealand represented a coffee market size of NZ$197 million, with more than 6100 tonnes in volume. Juan Valdez says Australia’s coffee industry also stands out for its high consumption of three kilograms per capita every year and for its coffee specialisation.

As such, the brand is excited to expand its line of origin, freeze-dried classic, and flavoured coffees into these regions. In New Zealand, these products will be available on e-commerce and retail and in Australia, they will be available through e-commerce.

“The priority of Juan Valdez is to support and make visible the work of more than 540,000 coffee-growing families, who are the essence of the brand,” says Sebastián Mejía, International Vice-President of Juan Valdez parent company Procafecol.

“For this reason, reaching the Oceania market and strengthening our presence in the United States, reinforces our commitment and our expansion strategy, which has been characterised by exalting the quality of Colombian coffee in the international sphere.”

This aligns with Juan Valdez’s goal to captivate the world with its 100 per cent premium Colombian coffee.

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