Colombian coffee production up by 41 per cent in 2013

Colombia’s coffee production reached 10.9 million 60-kilogram coffee bags in 2013, a growth of 41 per cent on 2012. The outcome was the result of the successful renovation program implemented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) which has increased productivity and plant health. Over the past five years the country has renovated 2.8 billion coffee trees, augmenting the plants´ productive capacity, reducing their average age, and increasing crop density.  Besides increasing coffee production and productivity rates, these structural changes retrieved Colombia´s historical production levels, granting it the third position among coffee producing countries. “2013 was a year full of challenges and significant achievements for the Colombian coffee industry,” CEO of the FNC, Luis Muñoz, in a statement. “Recovering productivity was crucial because it fostered competitiveness. We expect average productivity to keep increasing during 2014 in order to help offset the uncertain outlook of international prices,” stated. In addition to rising productivity, coffee exports increased 35 per cent, reaching 9.7 million 60-kilogram bags. As a result of the mounting global demand for high quality coffee and the difficulties faced by other coffee producing countries because of coffee leaf rust, the interest of foreign buyers in Colombian coffee also increased substantially in 2013.

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