Colombia’s Juan Valdez to open first café in United Arab Emirates

Juan Valdez Dubai

Following its success at the World of Coffee expo in Dubai in January this year, Colombian coffee brand Juan Valdez has announced plans for its first venue in the city.

Juan Valdez Dubai is due to officially open on 22 February but has already welcomed close friends, special guests, and influencers as part of a soft launch.

The opening marks the beginning of the company’s presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which, as part of the Middle East, is a market of increasing interest to coffee brands across the world. According to Euromonitor, the region’s coffee market value is US$10.6 billion per year with an annual consumption per capita of 1.1 to 2.2 kilograms.

“[The UAE] represents a key and strategic market for Juan Valdez in view of its expansion plan in the Middle East and its purpose of becoming a global benchmark in the industry,” says Sebastián Mejía, International Vice President of Juan Valdez.

“Due to its attractive geographical location, levels of tourism and the dynamism of its economy, the UAE provides a perfect opportunity to make the quality of 100 per cent Colombian premium coffee even more visible.”

The team at Juan Valdez have big plans in the region, including operating its own cafés, managing franchises, distributing its coffees, and developing institutional businesses. The new Dubai shop will complement the company’s existing operations in the Middle East, which already include Kuwait, Qatar, and Turkey.

Back in Colombia, Juan Valdez is committed to continuing to support the country’s 548,000 coffee farmers. The company’s founding aim is to showcase their hard work, and create more opportunities to share their quality coffee beans.

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