Costa Coffee streamlines online ordering in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Lagardère Travel Retail has partnered with QikServe to bring online ordering to consumers at its Costa Coffee sites in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Qikserve says its platform will enhance the convenience and speed of service for thousands of people, every day. The service will be launch in six stores initially, followed by a phased rollout bringing the total number of outlets offering the technology to 62.

“The flexibility of QikServe’s QikOrder product is a huge benefit for groups like Lagardère Travel Retail and its guests, whether someone is in a rush or wants to enjoy a seated experience, QikOrder can meet their needs,” says Daniel Rodgers, President and Founder of QikServe.

“That it also provides a contactless journey is essential in this day and age, when staff and guests are looking for reassurance that their experience is going to be safe and well-managed.”

Guests will be able to choose their journey through the platform. Ideal for those on a tight schedule, they can opt to order ahead of their visit, saving time by skipping the queue and collecting their prepared food and drink at a time to suit them. For guests with time to relax, there is an option to place an order and pay from a table within the stores, having items delivered to their seat once ready.

Lagardère Travel Retail says due to COVID-19, it’s vital that stores provide a safe, contactless service where possible. QikServe’s online ordering technology allows guests to select items and pay using their own phones, meaning there is no contact required throughout the ordering process.

“We’re looking forward to bringing this technology to the thousands of guests that visit our Costa Coffee stores every single day. As a group, we are concerned with providing the best possible experience, from the moment a person enters our facilities, to the moment they leave; QikOrder will provide an essential role in helping us to achieve this,” says Mélanie Guilldou, EVP Foodservice of Lagardère Travel Retail.

“Beyond this, we look forward to seeing how the transparency of pre-ordering affords operational and productivity benefits to our busy team members. This initiative has been achieved thanks to a great collaboration with the Czech teams who have led the project locally and made it happened.”

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