Could 7-Eleven’s US election-themed coffee cups predict next President?

An election-themed coffee cup promotion by 7-Eleven in the US has managed to accurately predict the outcome of the past four US Presidential elections. Dubbed the “Speak up cup”, 7-Eleven offers its coffee customers the option to choose a colour-coded cup that reflects their voting intentions. So far, 31 per cent of customers have chosen the blue, Democrat-themed cup to signal their intention to vote for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, while 29 per cent have chosen red for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Perhaps reflecting the ambivalence felt by many voters in the US, the leading option is the purple, non-partisan cup, which has been chosen by 40 per cent of customers. While the promotional campaign appears to take a light-hearted approach towards the Presidential race, 7-Eleven claims the results collected have accurately predicted the winner of the past four Presidential election campaigns.

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