CQI makes two senior appointments

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has announced the appointment of two new members to its leadership team: Kimberly Easson and Camilo Sánchez. Assuming the role of vice president of strategic partnerships, Easson will be responsible for focusing on stakeholder engagement, strategy development and partnership building within the organisation.  Easson has worked with CQI for over a year as a consultant on the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Ethiopia AGP AMDe Project, one of CQI’s largest and most complex projects. Fresh to the team at CQI Sánchez will take on the new role as CQI’s business development director.  Sánchez brings to CQI a wide variety of skills from USAID where he has been employed for over a decade and has managed sizeable projects that involved extensive planning, team building, collaboration, and complex portfolio management.  Easson and Sánchez will no doubt make welcome additions to CQI in the upcoming year as it continues to grow in the international industry.

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