Cropster launches online shop platform during Covid-19

Software company Cropster has launched, a free web shop platform its customers can use to sell their coffee beans online.

Andy Benedikter, Head of Enterprise Sales and Education at Cropster, tell Global Coffee Report that the platform was launched in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

“We follow social media and have tight contact with our customers, and due to this terrible coronavirus pandemic, many people have to close their cafés due to social distancing rules,” Benedikter says.

“We have to comply with these rules to get over the situation, but for them, it means losing their major or in worst case, only revenue. If they’re set up in a way they only sell through their cafés, this puts the business and their families at risk.” is white-label web shop solution based on the WooCommerce platform. It can be added to a website, social media page, sent to customers via email, or added to social media posts. Benedikter says it is simple and easy for Cropster customer to setup the web shop and upload their coffee offerings.

“Within two hours at no cost, they can setup the web shop, launch it over social media, and keep selling their coffee through another channel,” Benedikter says. “Hopefully, this keeps their revenue up, people employed, and coffee segment healthy.” includes a shop description, overview of products and prices, product detail pages, a shopping cart functions, a checkout that takes credit card details, confirms them, and sends orders, an order overview page, and custom legal pages.

Once the shop is set up, the custom url will read [yourbusiness] Alongside coffee, the platform can be used to sell filters, brewing equipment, grinders, cold brew, or even gift cards and magazines.

The idea for came from the success of Order to Roast, a Cropster initiative which takes manual or web shop orders from Shopify and WooCommerce and directly translates them into a production plan.

“We’ve received reports that this saved customers hours every week,” Benedikter says. “This works beautifully with the web shop to help customers keep revenues up and at the same time, safely plan their production from home.”

Cropster has also announced plans to help businesses build production schedules that take social distancing and increased shift work into consideration through focused training on its scheduling and production planning tools. The company will also release tips and tricks to help production managers work from home.

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