Cucina Cosmetics

This latest cosmetics line from Cucina Cosmetica is attracting some interest from an unexpected market – the shelves of cafés. The attention comes from their latest Coffee range made from 100 per cent recycled coffee grinds collected from restaurants and cafés across Australia and blended with natural, food-based ingredients. The line takes its inspiration from the tradition of using food-based natural ingredients on our skin. The team originates from a restaurant background and are now lending their foodie expertise to skin care, saying that the “fuel used to drive the engines of caffeine addicts all over the world is great for our skin too.” The products themselves include the Body Grind Rejuvenating Body Polish and Espresso Repair Natural Skin Moisturiser. Infused with caffeine and high levels of anti-oxidants, the products aim to assist in reducing cellulite to de-toxify skin and reduce puffiness. The texture of the raw coffee used in the grind should help exfoliate, and further studies have suggested topically applying caffeine may reduce skin damage. While the products are currently sold exclusively in Australia and online, the company is seeking international distributors. For more information visit

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