Cup of Excellence announces Sensory Education Training

Sensory Education Training

Cup of Excellence (CoE) and Coffee Knowledge Hub have announced the first Italy-based Sensory Education Training (SET) course at the Simonelli Group headquarters in Belforte del Chienti,  Macerata, Italy, taking place 12 to 15 July.

Established in Brazil in 1999, the CoE has been promoting transparency, quality, and fair prices for producers since its inception. Farmers submit their coffees to a national jury that evaluates them to find the best lots. These are then evaluated again by an international jury who choose the top 30 coffees.

In this sensory training and calibration course, students are taught the skills to assess coffees across a range of qualities and be consistent in cupping the same coffee over multiple days. The outcome is improved sensory skills and becoming more accurate and consistent.

“I learned a lot regarding coffee evaluation and improved my sensory skills thanks to discussions after each and every session. After the Sensory Education Training course, I can apply the Cup of Excellence protocols with better accuracy and confidence,” says Hasim Solmaz, Founder of Baristatus Co in Istanbul, who recently completed the course.

“By joining this course and becoming involved with Cup of Excellence you will be expanding your network of coffee professionals. It will help you buy high quality green coffee, work with some of the best producers in the world, join the international jury and support the work of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence,” says Andrew Tolley, Program Coordinator for the Coffee Knowledge Hub.

As a special promotion for this course, CoE is offering a 40 per cent discount on the course price if students join the Alliance for Coffee Excellence as a new member.

Existing members of ACE receive a 20 per cent discount. Roasters, retailers, coffee producers, importers, exporters, and enthusiasts are invited to join CoE for the four-day intensive trainings.

To join as an ACE member, click here. For more information on the CoE SET Course, click here.

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