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Cup of Excellence Mexico celebrates record breaking competition

A historic Cup of Excellence (CoE) awards ceremony in Mexico on 16 May saw a record eight farmers accept the prestigious Presidential Award, celebrating coffees that scored over 90 points during the final round of the week-long competition.

“The work of the producers, the country, and good environmental conditions for an exceptional harvest this year have produced the best results and the most intense quality in all of the Mexico competitions so far,” says Silvio Leite, competition Head Judge.

Thirty farmers were awarded in three different categories: experimental, traditional washed, traditional honey and natural.  With the wide diversity of processing techniques now more common, the competition protocols separate these on the cupping tables so more farmers can innovate, compete, and win.  

Gustavo Boltjes Rising won first place in the Traditional Honey and Natural category.

“I am very grateful to my colleagues at the Finca las Nieves cooperative. More than coffee growers, they are forest rangers and guardians of life and water. Our goal is not coffee, but the life of the forest. Coffee is a great reward we get for taking care of the forest. I think the competition is fairer with this new separation of categories; the characteristics of each coffee can be better appreciated,” Rising says.

A record eight farmers accepted the prestigious presidential award for their coffees that scored over 90 points. Image: Cup of Excellence.

Erwin Mierisch, Executive Director of Cup of Excellence says the Mexican edition of CoE upholds the competition’s mission to discover exceptional farmers that might not be well known, with 15 farmers being first time winners and 50 per cent small farmers.

“We are thrilled that the competition has recognised their hard work and effort and hope this is the beginning of a very rewarding journey,” says Mierisch. “We are also pleased to see so many women on stage accepting awards for their exceptional coffee.”

The online auction for these winning CoE Mexican coffees will be held 2 July.

CoE competitions is a non- profit organisation that owns and manages annual multi- level competition in coffee producing countries. Mexico’s national coffee industry association, A.C. (ANICAFÉ), which brings together 40 of the most important trading and industrial companies in the country’s coffee sector, was a new partner for 2024. 

“We started on 5 February to organise this edition. We had to hurry to make it a reality and must recognise the hard work of the entire team here in Córdoba,” says Felix Martínez y Cabrera, President of ANICAFE.

Teresa Morte Giner, Mexico coordinator added that the past three months have been an incredible journey, with many participating in the CoE for the first time.

“I am moved to witness all this passion for Mexican coffee,” Giner says.

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