Dalla Corte DC Pro and DC one on-demand grinder

The dc pro espresso machine is based on the original multi-boiler technology first released by Dalla Corte in 2002, where espresso brewing groups are independent of the steam boiler. This ensures a constant temperature with a precision of one tenth of a degree, essential to obtaining excellent espressos. The parameters of each brewing group can be calibrated separately and work independently of one another: this allows users who extract several blends or single origins to set the right temperature for each type of coffee and obtain the best results. This dc pro works in dialogue with the new Dalla Corte dc one on-demand grinder, designed by Thomas Liebe. Once the right coffee extraction parameters have been set, the devices keep up-to-date with one another and automatically adjust grind and dose as necessary. Each group of the three-group dc pro can be connected to a different dc one grinder. This way, if different coffee blends and single origins are used, each will be maximised by setting their right temperatures and grind parameters separately.
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