Dalla Corte Milk Control System

Dalla Corte has introduced a new automatic milk emulsifying system. The new Milk Control System (MCS), produced by Dalla Corte, includes a system that automatically sets the steam pressure and the temperature. All a user has to do is dip the steam wand into the milk jug and start the steam production to let the system work quickly and autonomously while the user prepares the espresso. The system helps produce a dense and velvety milk, consistent in quality and not influenced by the user’s hand. The result is a remarkable advantage for cafés, bars and restaurants with a high staff turnover. The new wand does not use an air compressor, but only steam. Thanks to the particular position of the holes on the jet, steam triggers a series of turbulences and creates a centrifugal motion in the jug that is the same as the motion produced manually. A probe installed alongside the wand turns off the device when the right temperature is reached. See

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