Dalla Corte’s Mina

Dalla Corte’s retro-style Mina uses a pull down lever to extract the coffee. As the machine is activated, the water pressure reaches a maximum of nine-bars. The barista can adjust the water pressure to obtain the desired result. Dalla Corte is currently in the process of patenting the Mina’s Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) system. The DFR is responsible for digitally controlling Mina’s water flow. With the DFR system, pre-infusion water starts flowing at zero bar and the opening degree of the water valve can be pre-set digitally with increments of one-hundredth of a millimetre. The Mina allows the barista to customise each shot, or to save custom settings for different coffees and blends. Dalla Corte’s Mina comes in a range of different materials, including timber, metal, and glass. In addition to the standard matte and gloss black or white, the Mina is available in a bold canary yellow. Dalla Corte is predicting the Mina will prove popular in both the residential kitchen and the café. The industry can expect to see the first Dalla Corte Minas on the shelf in early 2016. For more information visit:

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