Daniel Gerlach joins WMF as Brand Ambassador


Award-winning barista and latte art professional Daniel Gerlach will join WMF has an official Brand Ambassador for its WMF espresso NEXT semi-automatic portafilter machine.

“The WMF espresso NEXT supports baristas over the entire brewing process. Whether you’re a newcomer or a professional: the WMF espresso NEXT gives you the perfect espresso every time,” says Daniel.

“Combining traditional portafilter technology with the advantages of automation is the perfect solution.”

For WMF, Gerlach has all the credentials to make a great “NEXTpert”. He operates his own coffee shops as well as a roasting house, and has a complete understanding of the catering sector. Partnering with the WMF espresso NEXT will combine his passion for craftsmanship and art with his insight into the coffee industry.

Gerlach is a three-time German Latte Art Champion, and is this year’s German representative at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)’s Latte Art Championship at the World of Coffee expo in Copenhagen in June.

Through the partnership, Daniel will provide his expertise and unique perspective on global trends, while also showcasing how the WMF espresso NEXT can be used by latte art experts around the world.

Gerlach first joined the WMF team at the Internorga 2024 trade fair in Hamburg in March. WMF’s stand included live demonstrations of barista craftsmanship, latte art creations, sophisticated signature drinks, and more.

The announcement comes as WMF launches its new global campaign, ‘Coffee culture’s new choreography, perfect repeatability turned into art’.

“Bringing together traditional preparation methods and automated processes, thereby guaranteeing unique and reproducible quality, is what brings the art of coffee creation to life,” says WMF Professional Coffee Machines Head of Global Marketing, Axel Fähnle.

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