Dark Matter partners with George Clinton and The Black Angels

Dark Matter Coffee has announced new collaborations with legendary musician George Clinton and Texan band The Black Angels.

The partnership with Clinton involves two collaborative cold coffee cans, ‘Funk Uncut’ and ‘Doobie in Your Funk’.

‘Funk Uncut’ includes notes of papaya, oolong tea and Demerara sugar, with naturally processed Pacamara from El Rosario in El Salvador, while ‘Doobie in Your Funk’ has notes of berry and grape with the same origins.

Oscar Joyo created the artwork for the cans, which will be released in conjunction with the RIOT Fest performance and farewell tour of Clinton’s band, Parliament Funkadelic.

Dark Matter’s collaboration with The Black Angels will also include the release of a new coffee cold can.

The can, which shares its name with the band, is made with double-honey processed coffees from the Pacas family, located in Vista Hermosa in El Salvador.

The coffee includes notes of toffee, earl grey, and cocoa, as the ban has a sweet, caramel-like profile.

The artwork for the Black Angels can was designed by Jourdon Gullett.

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