Dark Roast and Profile Designer

Dark Roast Profile Designer

Neuhaus Neotec has added two new features to its RFB roaster family that further expand its profile design possibilities.

Very dark roasts can produce critical amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) in the roasting chamber. The Dark Roast safety package controls the roasting process, so CO levels remain in the non-critical range. A monitoring instrument detects increases in CO concentration at an early stage and a precise air flap system in the roasting circuit ensures necessary dilution of the atmosphere, ensuring roasts run safely without affecting the profiles.

The Profile Designer software module enables previously unattainable roasting profiles to be mapped. Similar to the Dark Roast module, it uses a sophisticated flap control system for very fast changes in energy management and extends the advantages of the low thermal inertia of the RFB system.

Dark Roast and Profile Designer are available individually or can be combined in one option package.

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