DaVinci Gourmet launches Pump Up The Mood campaign

Colour psychology is the study of how colours affect people’s moods and emotions. The discipline has paved the way for countless research and scientific theories to emerge. In Western cultures, red is frequently linked with energy, excitement, romance, and passion. Green has an affinity with nature, fertility, and the environment. Blue is considered to evoke feelings of calm, intelligence, and tranquillity.

Understanding the way colours influence people plays a major role in how businesses design their logos and market their products, and now, forward-thinking organisations are taking this a step further. DaVinci Gourmet is applying this concept to fruit, launching its new campaign, Pump Up The Mood, which focuses on fruit beverages and the way they impact the psychology of consumers.

“Every fruit has a sort of symbolism as well as functional benefits. The fruit’s visual appeal, its colour, flavour, and experience, help to shape people’s psychology. We found fruit has such an impact on mood that we wanted to develop a campaign around it,” says Eloise Dubuisson, Marketing Director for Food Service Brands APMEA at Davinci Gourmet.

“For example, grapefruit’s mood is strength. It’s known to boost immunity and its symbolism captures that. Mango’s mood, on the other hand, is energy. It has very vibrant and exciting symbolism. Some fruits have cultural importance too. Pineapple is linked with luck and wealth in some Asian cultures while strawberries are associated with love in the West. We built on these concepts while developing this campaign.”

Pump Up The Mood will be launched on 1 May 2020. It will feature 10 fruits, including the launch of three totally new flavoured products.

“Pump Up The Mood is designed for our customer cafés and restaurants to deliver a unique experience to their consumers. We really want them to play on the super fun, positive vibe that fruits create,” Dubuisson says.

Professional mixologists and baristas have been assigned to different fruits to create recipes for DaVinci Gourmet’s customer cafés and restaurants.

“The recipes are very exciting. Each fruit has its own ambassador, a professional mixologist who has extensive knowledge of a fruit’s flavour pairing, beverage mixing, and the overall market to create these recipes,” Dubuisson says.

“One of the most important things was to ensure these recipes were super exciting but also easy to replicate and apply in an everyday scenario. We needed to ensure for cafés and restaurants who serve many customers each and every day are able to produce these drinks in a fast and consistent manner.”

To decide which three new flavours would be developed and which other seven would be part of Pump Up The Mood, Davinci Gourmet conducted heavy market research to determine what fruits were linked to what emotions, and which fruits were trending across different markets.

“We have a lot of different tools to track trends and determine what will be the next big flavour is on the market. We’re using an artificial intelligence that can track the buzz generated by any food, beverage, ingredient, or flavour across social media or the web. We have been able to narrow this down into fruit categories and see what is trending and gaining influence, and others which are decreasing in market appeal,” Dubuisson says.

The three new flavours spearheading the campaign will be raspberry, a banana fruit mix, and white peach.

“The three new flavours we are launching with the campaign we believe will have massive potential. Peach is the number one tea flavour across Asia so its attractive, but also very common. We found white peach is one of the fastest categories as it brings the appeal of classic peach flavour, but in a more unique and premium style –  it’s delicate and sophisticated,” Dubuisson says.

“Banana, unlike white peach has been used in smoothies and fruit drinks for a long, long time. It’s a classic that is making an accelerated comeback thanks to the feel-good health wave which has taken over consumer trends. Things like health bowls and simple banana smoothies are becoming really popular again. I was quite surprised to see it make such a strong comeback.”

The health trend which Dubuisson says has contributed to banana becoming a staple in modern times is also proving to be a key driver for the entire campaign.

She adds that Davinci Gourmet’s research revealed fruit-based beverages are the most popular beverage category in food service across the whole of Asia.

“When you look at how popular tea and coffee are across Asia, it’s incredible to see that, actually, fruit flavoured beverages are the most consumed across the continent. We discovered that more than 250,000 beverages were launched in 2019 which contained fruit flavour. This includes smoothies, soft drinks, coffee, tea, or anything else that has a fruit-infused element,” Dubuisson says.

“When we discovered this, we wanted to understand why consumers in Asia love fruit drinks so much. The health and mood components which fruits create are part of this. There’s no artificial flavours or colours, just natural energy. The fruit-infused beverage industry is continuing to grow and we predict it will gain further popularity.”

To drive its Pump Up The Mood campaign, Davinci Gourmet is undertaking a digital activation strategy across its social media platforms and online. A recipe book will also be released containing the top 10 mood boosting recipes.

“The recipe book involves a photoshoot with visual representation that really conveys each recipe’s mood element. The idea is to elevate people’s moods. We want to developer optimism, energy, and creativity across the campaign,” Dubuisson says.

“People have a unique attachment to fruit and fruit has a special meaning to people. We believe this will be a fun, vibrant campaign and a great way to celebrate the flavours of fruit and the benefits they provide.”

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