DCF presents the Coffee Prices and Technology Summit: Trends, Margins and Pay Gap

Digital Coffee Future

Digital Coffee Future (DCF) has announced it is hosting the Coffee Prices and Technology Summit: Trends, Margins and Pay Gap. The online event will take place on 25 and 26 October and will bring together speakers from around the globe and every node of the coffee value stream.

The Summit will include panels and lectures on topics such as market and price trends, and their impact on the commodity and specialty sectors, the intersection of living income, costs of sustainable production and technology, and the role of technology in the dissemination of information on price. Topics will also include how enhancing coffee quality can be a pathway to higher economic value, by-products and their contribution to farmer income, and lessons from other value chains.

In partnership with Fairtrade International, International Trade Center, M-Cultivo, and Algrano, the Summit will also offer tech presentations and virtual networking opportunities.

Guest speakers will include Karl Wienhold, consultant and PhD researcher at the University of Lisbon; Geoff Wa^s of Azahar Coffee Company; Sara Morocchi of VUNA Origin Consulting, and M-Cultivo’s Amanda Eastwood.

According to DCF, price dynamics have significant impact on stakeholders along the coffee supply chain. Beyond the uneven distribution of economic value among actors, factors such as weather events, yield projections, global inflation and interest rates exacerbate the challenges that they already face due to market price fluctuations.

Although the conversation about coffee prices is not new within the industry, it rarely includes the discussion about how – and if – technology can play a role in mitigating the challenges that arise from their instability and unsustainability. The Summit is intended to address these issues.

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