Detmold launches I am eco packaging range

Detmold Group has expanded its environmental packaging range with the launch of a new brand called I am eco. The Australian owned and operated global packaging company says its new range will appeal to cafés, coffee roasters, caterers and festival events. “This new range includes use of a unique bagasse sugarcane board material formed into food pails by our manufacturing plant,” said Shane Fuller, Detmold Group Marketing Manager. Detmold says the board is a new sustainable product made from 100 per cent recycled content, available as a result of Detmold’s commitment to investigate and trial alternative renewable materials. “All 52 items in the I am eco collection are made exclusively from plants, a renewable resource.  These include sugarcane, corn and trees. Put simply, the I am eco range is made from nature,” said Shane. Existing Detmold Group items, such as Detpak’s original ripple wrap cup are now available in the I am eco range, as well as a suite of new products including smooth double wall hot cups. “Detpak’s expanded range of Eco cups provides us with the choice we are looking for and gives our customers a sense they are doing their bit for the environment,” said Martin Jackson, Genovese Coffee General Manager. “The quality and innovation Detpak are showing in extending their range of products in I am eco is a clincher for us.”

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