Ditta Artigianale named Florence’s best espresso bar

Ditta Artgianale has been named Florence’s best espresso bar, according to Italian guide Repubblica 2019. Owner and Co-Founder Franceso Snapo says the award for his two specialty coffee shops is a “sign of change” in the Italian coffee scene. “[It is] a recognition that rewards us of all of our efforts and that shows an important sign of change in the national coffee scene,” says Sanapo, three-time Italian Barista Champion and sixth place World Barista Championship finalist in 2013. “Finally, Italy – from the barista to the customer – is showing interest and starting to appreciate specialty coffee, which is becoming more and more popular in Italian bars. We are really proud of this result.” Ditta Artigianale's coffee is sourced from small producers the world over, and is freshly roasted and served in blends that showcase their incomparable flavour and unique features.  Sanapo says one of the blends that helped win the award is Ditta Artgianale’s Mamma Mia, which comes close to the classic taste of coffees sold in Italy, but uses only “super-selected” specialty coffees with high-scoring points in the cup. The coffees are sourced from female producers only, and have been selected at origin following an ethic and sustainable philosophy which respects the earth, the environment, as well as the workers, avoiding the exploitation of minors and children.  Sanapo says the Mamma Mia blend is dedicated to his mother who doesn't drink his coffee due to its intense acidity. “I went looking for what she would have wanted in her cup, with a balance between acidity and bitterness and sweet notes of chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts. I followed her ideal taste profile, the profile of the average Italian consumer… therefore answering to a general need,” he says. Sanapo launched Ditta Artigianale in 2013 to highlight the quality of Italian craftsmanship and apply it to specialty coffees. To this day, in his numerous travels to the origin countries, Sanapo goes looking for the most exclusive and ethic raw materials, creating a direct contact with each and every producer he meets, based on mutual trust and respect. Coffees are available for sale in each Ditta Artigianale store and microroastery, located in via dei Neri 32/r and in via dello Sprone 5/r in Florence. For more information, visit

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