Ditting 804 Lab Sweet

The demand for a better coffee quality is rising continuously throughout the international industry. Therefore, the ability to detect any slight difference within the coffee’s aroma profile becomes crucial for everyone striving to set – and to keep up with – new quality standards. Ditting’s 804 Lab Sweet  grinds the roasted beans into particles with a more uniform size to enable a more even extraction. The consistently even grinding of lighter roasts with a lower solubility produces cups with lower bitterness, more sweetness and with an overall more intense taste experience. The 80 millimetre cast steel grinding discs of the 804 Lab Sweet can be easily adjusted to grind for any desired brewing method, including ultrafine settings. The optimised knocker assures close to zero residue in the spout which makes Ditting’s 804 Lab Sweet a perfect, yet good looking, fit for your laboratory equipment line-up. For more information, visit:

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