Ditting 807 line

The 807 shop grinder, 807 Lab Sweet, and 807 Filter demonstrate Ditting’s leadership within professional precision grinding. They combine individualised functionalities with modern design for optimal grinding results and user-friendliness.

All 807 grinders produce highly precise grinding results on a comprehensive scale that ranges from Turkish mocca to cold brew. The powerful motor masters a average output of up to 450 grams per minute while its active temperature management ensures grinding at low, aroma-saving temperatures.

The 807 Lab Sweet is equipped with premium cast steel burrs, featuring a special grinding teeth geometry. These burrs ensure optimal particle size spread within the grounds in order to achieve a consistent extraction and more sweetness in the cup.

The 807 Filter comes with an adjustable spout and a height- and width-adjustable support to enable clean grinding directly into the centre of the coffee filter.

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