Ditting to launch new grinders at Host 2015

Ditting is set to display its exciting new range of coffee technologies at Host 2014, which is being held in Milan from 23-27 October. Designed for service in coffee stores, supermarkets or roasting houses – the KR804 touch and grind is a reliable and powerful coffee grinder. The KR804’s integrated barcode scanner recognises the chosen variety of coffee and respective information appear on the display. After the brewing method has been selected, the grinder adjusts the degree of fineness automatically. The intelligent user interface on the 12.1-inch touch screen invites the customer to interact with the grinder while presenting background information about the coffee or showing commercial videos. The KR804’s enhanced bag holding device and the bag shaker ensure an optimal filling of the coffee bag with the freshly ground powder. With the approved technology of Ditting’s 804-series, the KR804 touch and grind copes with high grinding capacities at all degrees of fineness while it is also very easy to maintain and to clean. Ditting now provides the approved technology of the KF/KR804 series in a new model for the grinding of single portions. Its foldable tray can be mounted in three different heights on the grinder’s housing to ensure an accurate grinding directly into the collecting vessel. The spout has been optimized for a pointed outlet and can also be manually centred. The 804 Lab comes standard with the new version of the grind adjustment covering the full range of particle sizes from espresso to filter coffee to French press and to cold brew. Furthermore an appropriate collecting vessel is supplied with each grinder. The popular new coffee immersion brewing method, Cold Brew, requires a coarser grind adjustment to assure optimal extraction.
 The new range extension kit for the 804, 1203 and 1403-series meets this demand and can be retrofitted into any of these models. With the extension kit the grind adjustment scale gets enlarged towards coarser grinding. The EK5 Premium is a new masterpiece of Swiss engineering for all manufacturers of fully-automatic coffee machines. The new EK5 can be adjusted steplessly to any coarseness like espresso, filter or French press. Steel grinding discs with 64-millimetre diameter ensure an aroma-saving grinding of the coffee beans. Ceramic discs are available optionally. The rotatable and pivotable spout can be placed at variable positions – or it could even be replaced by a completely customized version to make the grinder fit into the system. This built-in grinder performs a continuous grinding with high repeatability and with a precise adjustment of the degree of fineness applying highly innovative control technology. The EK5 is capable of producing up to 200 shots per day, but it can withstand temporary peak outputs of 60 shots per hour, as well. Its overall lifetime comes to 150,000 shots. Ditting designed the EK5 to fit a great many fully-automatic coffee machines and vending concepts by requiring a minimum of space (150x100x200 millimetres) and equipped it with an integration and connection kit for simple installation. Creating a fully automatic coffee machine that constantly provides one great cup of coffee after another is a challenging project that requires a lot of hard work, the most experienced and skilled engineers as well as the best and most precisely working components. Ditting’s new electric grind adjustment unit is a must-have for any sophisticated fully-automatic coffee machine project aspiring to provide consistency in the cup and being convenient to maintain at the same time. With this grind adjustment unit you can ensure a permanently high quality from the first cup onwards, while never having to adjust the grinder by hand. To see all of this technology first-hand, visit the Hemro Group’s booth (no. T48 U47) in pavilion 15 at the Host 2015 in Milan.

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