DMCC announces partnership with CG Agrotech

dmcc cg agrotech

Leading trade enterprise hub DMCC has announced a partnership with Nepalese commodity business CG Agrotech that will focus on opportunities within the agricultural space.

“Partnering with DMCC marks the next step in the Nepal-UAE agri trade relationship, which continues to strengthen. Leveraging DMCC’s extensive network of 23,000-member companies and exploring mutually beneficial opportunities will significantly impact our ability to further enhance bilateral trade,” says CG Agrotech Managing Director Varun Chaudhary.

The agreement seeks to create collaboration between DMCC’s business community and GC Agrotech along with its partners, which will lead to increased trade, investment, and market access for DMCC member companies.

“South Asia’s net agri commodities imports have risen significantly in recent years and this trajectory is projected to carry forward in the coming period,” says DMCC COO Feryal Ahmadi. “Simultaneously, the critical global issue of food security is in the spotlight now more than ever, creating increased demand for agri commodities across the world.”

The partnership will also see the two organisations share knowledge and information related to addressable markets and new opportunities to further boost trade, most notably in the coffee, tea, and honey sectors.

“Through a range of strategic partnerships such as this, DMCC looks to address these opportunities by further enhancing the efficiency and value provided by its agri trade ecosystem in Dubai, and in particular for our 4,200-plus South Asian member companies,” says Ahmadi.

DMCC signed an agreement earlier this year with the Bharat Subcontinent Agri Foundation, which will have the two entities partner in numerous FoodTech and AgriTech projects.

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