DTS8 Coffee Company increases coffee output in China

DTS8 Coffee Company announced that it has increased its volume of roasted coffee to 20,000 kilograms in the nine months ended January 2015. DTS8 Coffee Company, a United States wholly owned foreign subsidiary in China, increased its roasted coffee output 15 per cent in that time. The Shanghai-based roaster experienced a 16.3 per cent revenue growth during the nine months. Its revenue grew from US$232,562 for the three quarters in 2014 to US$270,572 for the same period in 2015. Sean Tan, DTS8 Coffee Company’s CEO, said Shanghai’s coffee market was certainly growing. “Shanghai is China’s largest coffee market with the largest concentration of coffee shops in China,” said Tan, in a statement. “Starbucks is leading with 320 stores in Shanghai, making Shanghai the largest coffee market for Starbucks.” DTS8 Coffee Company is a Nevada based coffee distribution and marketing company. In 2012, the company acquired DTS8 Holding Co., which own DTS8 Coffee (Shanghai) Co. In 2014 it established DTS8 (Huzhou), a subsidiary in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. DTS8 Coffee Company’s office and coffee distribution facilities are in Shanghai. Its roasting facility is in neighbouring Zhejiang Province. DTS8 Coffee Company wholesales its coffee to restaurants, multi-location coffee shops and offices in cities across China.

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