Ducale Coffee B-Side blend

B-side tracks are the unknown gems on an artist’s album record. They are those certain songs separate from the main album that live a life of their own – perhaps a remix of a classic, a live performance, an instrumental or even a spoken word. Whatever it is, the B-side always showcases raw artistic creativity without constraints and reveals something more about the artist. Paying homage to this, the B-Side delivers a unique blend created by Ducale Coffee’s roasters. The B-Side embodies a brown sugar, apple and pepper fragrance, a creamy and silky body and cocao and nectarine flavours. This product is a nod to the old Italian-style blends but built out of a collection of exclusive single origins. The B-Side Blend is featured at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2013 at Ducale’s stand #21. For more information visit

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